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Stella at 11 wks stacking like a showgirl, 7 wks being a garden glove thief, and adorable at 6 wks for her first photo shoot.


Photo of  dad Butler      bro Gram        sister Wicca      bro Arthur



Sept 9-07 her first day out (6 mo bday!)  RWB under Bev Capstick.... 
then on to 3rd in large Nov. Junior class with Deborah in Des Moines IA !

Baby Stella and Deborah make a "Stellar" team!  
 Wheatland cluster Sept. 2007 --Salina KS-- the girls waltz their way to a final First in Novice Junior, qualifying  to show in Open Junior Showmanship in 2008.  
*Suprise! Gram decides to come home with us! Will he and David
 be astro-"logical" juniors partners? 
Thank You Dana!!!


Her first POINTS!    St. Joseph KC, Feb. 2008 Stella goes
WB/BOS under Marjorie Tuff, over a lovely special.
The girls go on to a very exciting SECOND place win under an Afghan breeder-judge their debut day out in a large class of  Open Junior Jr Show.!  

We were honored  the following day by respected breeder-judge Sandra Wolfskill, ELFWISH.  Stella's brother Gram is selected WD/BOW from Puppy and Stella joined him as WB/BOS.  Deborah handled Stella to this second BOS, over special. :) 


My Stella Luna turns heads at North Texas Pem Corgi Fanciers 25th anniversary specialty, Mar 21, 2008!  Stella goes 2nd in her Sweeps class, and then exhibits in Bred By right alongside her mom Sabrina with Dana.  Several ringside colleagues take notice of Stella's sweeping sidegait.

Stella-  MAJOR # 1 - Gardner KS May 2008 Roberta Campbell.  
Gave her a serious look for breed over lovely special!  Poor Stella was seriously naked prior to summer, and had been entered to help make majors in hopes of her mother Sabrina finishing under Ms. Campbell.  Sabrina won the bred by, and then Stella...  If we'd had hair... the judge said she'd have been burning up the group ring too.  Ms Campbell said, you DO realize, this is a bitch special, right?

The hairless wonder does not get entered in Gaitway-- ?? so she of course was in great coat and looking fabulous.  At ringside. sigh.

Stella- reserve Major- Topeka KC home show Aug 2008  Sat- Gram went WD/BOW Bettie Anne Stenmark who said she just couldn't bring herself to give me both sides--but that Stella's " rear drive and sidegait was breathtaking- don't lose that!" and that she expects to see her as a special.

Stella MAJOR # 2 - Kansas City MO Sun, Aug 2008  Lee Canalizo- who apologized to the rest of the lovely entry because she couldn't take her eyes off the 'stunning bred-by bitch, who came in her bikini'. Not me, thank goodness LOL, she was referring to Stella! Yes, once again, Stella was out winning in her skivvies, this time in preparation for a season.  

Stella - exhibits in the Bred By at the Pine Mountain GA national in November.  It was a delight to show to Anne Bowes- one of my corgi icons.   True to form... Stella shocks the crowd with effortless sidegait-- AND sheds in preparation for her winter season.  What will we do if we can get her in a show ring WITH her hair ??



Stella does North Texas 2009 and places in the Bred-By Exhibitor class each day- under breeder-judges Donna Gilbert, Marilyn Van Vliet, and Gloria Kerr.

Wins the Bred By class both days of Sunflower Kennel Club, Gardner KS- Beverly Capstick and James Maloney (We finish "Aggie" for a fellow Gaitway member on Saturday with a breed from the classes--and Sunday Gram and I win the Breed !)

Without a stitch of undercoat, Stella places 2nd in the Bred By at the Gaitway  
Supported Sunday under Mary-Anne Brocious.

Wins the Bred By class both Sat/Sun (only days entered) of Oklahoma City Summer Classic, under Dr Carmen Battaglia and Bob Slay.  Stella's serious lack of undercoat merits a little TLC so with Adam's assistance we garner WB under Slay  for her THIRD MAJOR!   I was THRILLED as this made a 5 pt major at home-- so I thought we'd finished her--- then realized Okla. point schedule is higher-- so leaves miss Stella in the one point club.
          Also at Oklahoma City- Stella starts her performance title quest-- earning her RN three-in-a-row with placements and near-perfect scores, and a starter CD leg  under Bill Oxandale.  She misses qualifying for a second CD leg on Saturday by half pt on heel free  (179.5 but NQ because of the 70% rule- HF long-pattern wore her confidence)

August - Topeka home show.   Stella still getting in new coat, and we preferred to steward the panel rather than show... so we entered obedience and rally.  Saturday in Nov B, Stella scores 193.5 with a very LOVELY confident obedience performance- under Robert Wood-  and we dashed between buildings to help with our friends' breed entries.  On return to the Obed building, they were calling our #  for a run off for 2nd place!   We were caught off guard and flustered- Stella looked at me like, "silly we DID this already" and had a slow crooked first sit on the Heel-Off... -- we "settled" for third in a competitive class.   Sunday in Rally Advanced A, Stella earned 95  because her perfectionist trainer was very picky on next-to-last station and made her go back and complete in perfect heel position (Fast Forward from a Sit).  --otherwise it would have been a perfect 100 run--

August 09 Kansas City... Kathleen Steen, Keke Kahn- hopeful to finish...   Under R. Biddle, Saturday -Deborah and Stella reunite as a Juniors team- and work their way to 2nd in the very same competition in Open Intermediate (8 girls including multiple pro-handler apprentices) from Topeka show (Jess exhibited).  Gram and David excite further with a first place of six impressive Novice Juniors- and he goes on to press for Best Junior- - eventually won by Deborah's Open Intermediate colleague.   Stella Finishes under Keke Kahn-- as Best of WInners.

National- First weekend in October!  Breed and Juniors-- Stella traveled with Dana Monday so she could participate in obedience, without me (sniffle).  She and Dana earn a 188 in a competitive class that the eventual High in Trial comes from-- for her third Q toward her CD title.

On to Lakeshore 09- where we qualify in Rally Advanced to complete her RA--- 
for 4 TITLES in 4 months !!!

What's next for our shining Star Stella ?  MOTHERHOOD  2010

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