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   Wrangler Saving for Him and Her  
Pictured - 11 months winning the 9-12 mo. Puppy class back-to-back in nice competition on the Electric City Circuit in MT... the 60+ entry made it a virtual specialty!  Dr. Battaglia gave her a good look for Reserve to the 5 pt major on Sunday

We appreciate the judges who have recognized Tiara and her brother LOU --TOGETHER--in their limited introduction to the show ring in 2003...

        We love her absolutely fluid side-gait! Her clean coming and going are a credit to her pedigree!
Tiara's accomplishments of note:  
bullet North Texas PWC Fancier's Specialty in March 03.

bullet major Reserve Winners Bitch from BBE class, (Lou WD/BOW) Little Rock KC March 03 under R. Pat Gillen.

bullet Best Bitch Puppy, Best Pembroke Puppy, and Puppy Group 3!  
Wichita KS KC Sanc. Match, Apr 03 under a corgi specialist judge.

bullet Back-to-Back major Reserve Winners Bitch from BBE (Lou WD/BOW) at the Grove OK KC Apr 03
Saturday under J. Vanek-Nielson  and Sunday (Lou WD) under K. Kahn. 

bullet Topeka KC Apr 03-judge J. Zielinski DOES THE DOUBLE!!!  
Lou WD/BOW, Tiara WB/BOS- both for MAJORS!

bullet North TX PWC specialty 2004, Tiara won the Bred-By class on Saturday. 

bullet Did the double again Mar 04 Claremore OK show.  Under Bettie-Anne Stenmark, Lou finished, going WD/BOW/BOB over specials/Top6groupPull, Tiara was WB/BOS for her second MAJOR.

bullet BACK-to-BACK Majors (her 3rd and 4th) at Wheatland Cluster Sep 04 from an extremely competitive BBE class in Salina KS.  Both judges E. Rensink and M. Patterson separately commented on the "consistently HIGH quality of the Bred-By" class in our area.

bullet "Finishing Touches" at the Heart of America Kennel Club Aug 27, 2005.  Thank you judge Linda Robey!
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Tiara was my first homebred Bitch champion, and was every bit my soulmate.  I trusted her to induct many visitors to the kennel and to keep peace at all times with her quiet but regal way of bringing the pack to consensus.  Tiara paid the ultimate sacrifice for our attempts to participate in belgian rescue.  A two yr old foster pounced on her during a play session. We suffered unspeakably to lose our queen bee and beloved girl.  Salt in the wound-- the rescue who hurt her continued to live in our home for another 3 weeks.   It was a tough lesson in the reality of rescue.  I believed that Tiara would grow old as the queen at Croswynd, and that my sweet strong little bitch was invincible. I was looking forward to getting her CD and RN  in the fall of 2007 to join her brothers as 'titles-on-both-ends' pembrokes. There is no worldly description for how much we miss her.   Every member of our family frequently calls Jess "Tiara" and then go silent wishing and remembering.  Cherish every day with your dog.