JESS  GALLERY~~~ 8wk 14 wk
w/ Tiara

4 days
20 wks below and at right 4yrs 
    Family Reunion Jan 2006 ~ 10 months for OFA prelims
brother Scooter at 10 weeks

Scooter,  sidegait wow! fluff boy in his groomer trim


Jess 'twin' Mick
Now SHE'S the Mommy
 Looks great in a feather boa ! LOL

Deborah 13 Open Int. Salina 2010: Jess at 5


Celebrates her 1st  birthday with  BEST  in Match, Columbia KC March 2006 under AKC judge Judi Bendt, handled by Deborah all the way!

Deborah showed Jess ( Columbia 07) to a placement under C. Kramer. The girls have First place wins in Novice Junior, including a pull for Best Jr. under R. Chashoudian  in Claremore'07.

Flash!  Jess completes her RN Columbia '07 with PERFECT 100-THIRD place 
and 99-5th place in a class of 30.RA =all legs with placements! First two 2nd placements in Salina'07.  Wichita'08- 99 and FIRST place under Peggy McConnell.

Jess has won in the AKC Breed Ring under: Donna BUXTON (2pts, mjr broke), Robert SHREVE (2pts), she placed 3rd of 9 as a puppy in BBE Wichita'06 (five pt major) under Irene BIVIN, has RWB from J. GOODIN. Breeder judge Marilyn Lindsey- Miller placed her in Open class at the major in Columbia'08.   Deborah shows her to placement  in Am-Bred at NTPWCF'08 under Peggy Kessler.  Her last breed ring outing was under Roberta Campbell, where she was 2nd in the bred-by in major competition (her nemesis Stella would rise to WB).

CD= JESS COMPLETELY THRILLS US at the 2008 specialty North Texas PWCF FIRST PLACE 191 to High In Trial under Floyd Harding.  We received gorgeous handpainted ceramic plate, towel, enormous rosettes, and the support of our friends. In the adjacent building, HER daughter is placing in a large class of 9-12 month puppy bitches with MY daughter. We switch handlers and her daughter Gala and I are honored with 1st place in regular class.  Jess-  Wichita'08 - 193 in all-breed Nov B- 3rd place under Peggy McConnell.

on her quest for CDX... Salina'09- Jess starts Open with a bang- set to score in the high 190s -then celebrates too soon after the Broad Jump and judge NQs LOL--!!! Totally excited about Lakeshore- she gives a *spectacular* individual exercises- silences the onlookers and a great cheer goes up as she torpedos and skids on carpet on her drop on recall !  and with me drooling for High in Trial #2 (oh Lakeshore has the most beautiful rosettes...) she shocks me as she muffs the stays- we had collected Sonic that week AND were picking up great-grandpa Robin... she was possibly cuing off my stress level!  In the adjacent room, her son Squirt wins sweeps and 2nd in BBE.  Wichita '10 Sat- broke down stay into Sit... then Sunday a picture perfect performance is marred by MY double command (signal and verbal down on DOR)  Seward '10 - Barks through the Stays ?!? Whose dog is that?? Salina '10 a very questionable NQ for sit out of reach on ROF - I bent to take it from her (you sort of have to, I'm 5'8", she's 12"), then FINALLY a Q on Sunday!  

In Sept 2010, Jess starts a whirlwind four for four-- NA NAJ OA OAJ - and lacked just ONE leg each of finishing her AX AXJ as well.  What a girl ! She LOVES to run and has earned mostly FIRST 8" a few 2nds with Dynah, Elizabeth, Jackie K, and Dana B. handling !