AKC pointed Croswynd's Detailed Decision, CD RA OA OAJ

Jess is OFA Good, CERF Clear, vWD Clear, DM A/A

Jess is Queen bee, raising 2- and 4-legged children while turning heads in Rally, Obedience and Agility. She LOVES to work !

In Sept of 2010, she leads us to another 
Four Months: Four Titles   NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ,

with 2 AX legs and 2 AXJ legs and 1 CDX leg by the second week of December!  Yes, that's SEVEN titles she's worked on in 2010!

CH. Darrowby's Thunder
Down Under
CH. Dwynella Black Benny Eng/NZ CH Salvenik Super Chance
Charing Charlie's Angel
Darrowby Detailed Decision Am/Can CH. Merthyr And So it Is
Can CH. Dwynella April Sky
CH. Croswynd's Frontier Spirit Am/Fin CH. Caralon's Casper at Gaylord, ROMX CH. Perrymist Red Affair, ROMX
Schaferhaus Caralon Puffin ROM
Onies Xwynd New Way to Fly
 dam of 4 champions
CH. Caralon's Yud B Our Robin, CDX
Onies Patty Kept a Promise
New Years Resolutions 2011: JESS

1) CDX just stay, Mom IS coming back

2) Run fast, run clean, get your Masters in between!

3) Litter # 3   finding  - Mr. Right...

4) summer fun- Herding lessons? Tango can't be only *VC* in the fam!  

5) the final frontier: Scent Discrimination


NEWSFLASH! Jess talents extend to the whelping box! 

Her first litter, 2007 is linebred on Caralon brothers:  Mac-Casper-Robin.

the "Formal" Litter (3M4F)-- 3 Murdock x Jess babies would be shown- Gala, Tyra, and Tango.  A dream litter-- Jess gave us NO fluffs (by a hi-factored fluff carrier sire) NO mismarks, 100% correct dentitions, 100% testicles, sweet temps and sound movers-- including a BoB and specialty class winning bitch and multi-titled AKC Champion- our first official Versatile Corgi.   
photo credit (above): Keepsake Creations 

Her second litter 2009 we tried a 2:4 linebreeding on the English gentleman Salvenik Super Chance.

Jess whelped to Ch. Dwynella Take a Chance ROMX  (5M,1F)to connect lines on the top side of her pedigree.  The Super Litter are training as therapy dogs,  show/performance dogs, and juniors dogs!

No mismarks, No fluffs, 100% good occlusion, 100% testicles!  The new litter has winners in conformation and performance already!

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